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1) To educate and sensitize the Citizens to know their rights, duties and responsibilities as citizens of a country across the globe.

2) Promote peace, Equal rights and justice for citizens whose rights have been abused or violated as citizens of a country across the globe.

3) Spread message of tolerance, peace as well as the do’s and don’ts of the electioneering processes before, during and after an election.

4) Assist the citizens to monitor and observe election processes across the globe.

5) Provide Electoral Consultation and technical support to the elections processes.

6) Educate the General public to vote rightly so as to reduce or decrease rejected ballots during elections.

7) Educate the General public to vote massively for the winners to win massively and also the losers to avoid violence, conflicts and war between the political parties.

8) Sensitize the general public why to vote, when to vote, where to vote, how to vote, during elections.

9) Promote sanitation and hygiene to reduce or prevent human contact with hazard and diseases such as HIV/AIDS, TB, Breast Cancer, Malaria, cholera, and other deadly diseases.

10) Campaign against Poverty and Hunger, Food wastage, Land crisis, Tenancy crisis and other social crisis within the communities.

(11)  Fight against Bribery and corruption, Boarder deaths and illegal Migration, Cyber Crime and the range of future threat,

12) Fight against child labor, human trafficking, slave trade and Gender base violence.

13) Promote quality Educational Policies to enable us eliminate child labor, child abuse, child trafficking, street children, school dropout and other social crisis in the community.