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Do You Know Your Rights?

Do You Know Your Rights?

Do You Know Your Rights?

We educate and sensitize the citizens to know their rights duties and responsibilities as citizens of country.

Do you know your RIGHTS?


  • Has your right been abused or violated as a citizen?
  • Are you suffering abuse yet cannot seek justice?
  • Is your right being denied as a citizen?
  • Who abused you of your rights?
  • How is your right being abused?
  • When and where has your right been abused or violated?
  • Are you looking to reconcile with someone whom you offended or has offended you?
  • Are you depressed or frustrated in life and want to commit suicide?
  • Do you know someone who is planning or want to commit crime or suicide?


The Campaign Policy

The Legal Team of the Global Citizens Rights stands to defend, protect and promote peace, equal rights and justice for citizens whose rights have been abused or violated as citizens of a country across the globe.

We travel nationally and internationally to visit schools, communities, Kings Palaces, police cells, prisons, judicial services, both government and private institution/organization to assist, solve or dissolve social issues and crisis related to abusing and violation against the citizens or any nationality.

We organize conferences, seminars, events, workshops, forums and also spread flyers with messages on issues related to human rights to enable us positively and effectively promote human rights, democracy, good governance and rule of law across the globe.

For rescue or sponsorship please contact the Global Citizens Rights Legal Advisers and Rescue Team on ……

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