The Global Citizen’s Rights members and non-members who are in crisis or have related issues of citizens and humanitarian support should please visit any of the Global Citizen’s Rights office branches, make a phone call, fax or send us e-mails for immediate investigation and assistance. The Human Rights Legal Team of the Global Citizens Right’s is ready to assist or save any person who is in crisis or have related issues listed below:

Citizenship, Rape, Suicide, Child labour, Child Trafficking, Child Abuse, Drug Abuse, Marriage/Divorce, Education, Employment, Prison, Orphanage, Widows, Street Children, Disable and Disability, Security Service, Accident, Refugees, Investigations, Single Parents, Old age, Alcohol, Smoking, Robbery/Crime, Tenancy Crisis, Land Crisis, Corruption, Sanitation and Hygiene, Drug Abuse and Addiction, Homosexuality, Road Safety, Food Aid, HIV/AIDS, TB, Cancer and other deadly diseases.

The Global Citizen’s Rights has come out to promote peace, equal rights and justice for citizens whose rights have been abused or violated as citizens of a country across the globe.

The Global Citizen’s Rights have qualified Lawyers, counselors and intelligent team who carefully and legally investigate any cases or issues submitted or reported by the citizens before taking any actions to defend, protect and save the citizens from crisis and challenges across the globe.