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Sanitation and Hygeine

Sanitation and Hygeine

We campaign against opening defecation and improper dumping of refuse on beaches, road side and gutters to prevent diseases, flooding and pollution on our beaches, in rivers and cities.

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Sanitation & hygiene campaign

Stop Improper Dumping of Refuse and Opening Defecation NOW

Stop opening defecation and improper dumping of refuse on beaches, roadside and in gutters because they cause diseases, flooding and pollution to our beaches, rivers and cities which affects the health of citizens, visitors and also reduces tourist attractions in Ghana.

According to Sanitation and Motor Court Constitution Law Section 56(a) and (b) of Act 851 of the Public Health Act 2012, if you have been found guilty of improper disposal of refuse or defecating in the public, you will be fined to pay an amount not less than GH₵360 or serve a 3-month imprisonment with hard labour or both.

If you need a waste bin or assistance to put up private toilet in your house, please contact GCR or MMDA for immediate support from the Government and the stakeholders’ nationwide Ghana.

Let’s come together as one Nation, one people and one family on First Saturday of every month to clean our environments and make Ghana clean for better place to live

This program is organized by Global Citizens Rights, in collaboration with the Metropolitan Municipal Districts Assemblies and many more


The Management Team of Global Citizens Rights;

Assists those in charge of the beaches to clean our beaches, monitors and protects the beaches against those who defecate on the beaches, improper dumping of refuse on the beaches and polluting them.

Mounts billboards and banners at the vantage points in the cities and towns beaches and also spread the messages on flyers and stickers related to sanitation and hygiene issues which have being a challenge and crisis upon the government and the people of the country.

Organizes conferences, seminars, events, forums, workshops on issues related on sanitations and hygiene and gives the platform to the sanitation and health care agencies, government agencies and stakeholders to creates awareness, informs, educates and sensitizes the general public to stop opening defecation and improper dumping of refuse to live a clean environment and make Ghana a better place to live.

Gathers the request of the individuals and groups in every community who need waste bin or assistance to put up private toilet in their homes and direct them to the sanitation agencies, Metropolitan Municipal Districts Assemblies and the stakeholders to quickly assist or solve their problems.

Organizes clean up exercise and health screening exercise in collaboration with sanitation agencies, health agencies, stakeholders, community leaders and the entire people in the community to effectively and positively promote sanitation and hygiene in every community nationwide-Ghana.