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Social Crisis Campaign

Social  Crisis  Campaign

Social Crisis Campaign

We campaign against Poverty and Hunger, Food wastage, Land crisis, Landlords and Tenancy crisis.


What is food wastage?

  • Food wastage is the loss of food that is discarded or lost uneaten

What causes food wastage?

There are so many ways that causes food wastage, these are:

  • When we stock too much food
  • When we over-prepared or not cooking food properly, example is burning food
  • When we leave food on dishes after meals or not willing to consume leftovers
  • Decaying of prepared food after long or inappropriate storage
  • Excessive purchasing, over-preparation and unwillingness to consume leftovers are some of the main antecedents of food wastage.

How can we stop food wastage?

We can stop food wastage through these ways:

  • Consumers can reduce spoilage by planning their food shopping
  • Avoid potentially wasteful spontaneous purchase
  • Food should be stored properly
  • We should not over-prepare or cook
  • We should not leave food on dishes after meals
  • We should store food in the right places
  • We should not over serve food

Who is responsible for food wastage?

  • Everyone is responsible for food wastage.  The cooks, consumers and individuals contribute to food wastage

Which places can we find food wastage?

  • In our various homes
  • In restaurants
  • In our local market
  • At boarding schools
  • Hospitals
  • Office

What are the dangers of food wastage?

  • Food wastage harms the climate, water, land and biodiversity
  • Food wastage brings hunger
  • Food wastage brings poverty
  • It waste money

                                     Advice to the general public against food wastage?

  • Keep a running list of meals, and their ingredient that your household already enjoys.  That way you can easily choose, shop for and prepare meals
  • Make your shopping list based on how many meals you will eat at home
  • Plan your meals before you go shopping and buy only the things needed for those meals.
  • Look in your refrigerator and cupboards first to avoid buying food you already have.
  • Buy only what you need and will use.  Buying in bulk only saves money if you are able to use the food before it spoils.

Research And Investigation

The Global Citizens Rights Research and Investigating team recently revealed that 40% percent of Ghanaian homes, restaurants, local markets, boarding schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, office canteens and beaches cause food wastage by discarding excess or uneaten food.

  • Because of poor mismanagement of food
  • Lack of preservation gargets
  • Improper planning of food menu
  • Because of self esteem
  • Because of traditional beliefs

These have caused poverty and hunger, financial lost to the state and affected the economic growth of the country nationwide Ghana.  This is why the Global Citizens Rights team has taken this initiative to effectively and positively campaign against food wastage to enable us prevent or reduce food wastage in Ghana, in order to grow our economy, prevent poverty and hunger in every community nationwide Ghana.

We therefore appeal and plead with the general public to help/join us campaign against food wastage in Ghana.

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