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Tenancy Crisis

Tenancy Crisis

We educate the general public about the duties and the responsibilities of the landlords and tenants to prevent tenancy crisis in Ghana

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  • Are you a Landlord who has a tenancy crisis with your Tenant?
  • Are you a tenant who has a tenancy crisis with your landlord?
  • Are you a landlord or Tenant who has tenancy crisis with the Real Estate Agency?
  • Have you been cheated or denied of your rights as Landlords or tenants?
  • Do you need assistance to reconcile with your Tenants or Landlord/lady


  • Unexpected increment of rent by the landlords
  • Improper facilities in the house that do not suit the amount of money pay for the rent.
  • Uncultured behavior of landlords towards their tenants or visavis.
  • Difficult tenant.
  • Unavailability of tenancy agreement between landlords and tenant.
  • When landlords choose to add another rule which was not part of the tenancy agreement signed.
  • When tenants fail to pay their rent on time
  • When a tenant is denied of using some facilities in the house
  • When Landlords fail to do some renovation in the house


  • Landlords should make sure their properties are up to standard for rent.
  • There should be proper communication between landlords and tenants about any future decision.
  • Landlords should first investigate the background of whomever they are giving their property to, information’s such as family size, profession and if possible rental history of the tenant should also be investigated.
  • Landlords should go by the tenancy rule of the rent control to avoid problems

Tenants should make sure they carry on their activities to help maintain good sanitation.

  • Tenants should maintain a cordial relationship with themselves and their landlords to prevent misconduct and misunderstanding.
  • Tenants should avoid bad friends and noise making in the house in order not to abuse others rights.


  • Landlords are often conflict solvers repair men, sales people and negotiators.
  • Landlords know how to charm property inspectors.
  • Landlords are to maintain safe environment, provide secure place for tenants to reside.  For example, windows and doors security etc……..
  • Landlords also make sure no one else has a key to the tenant apartment.
  • Landlords should not allow unsupervised repair men inside a tenant’s apartment as this could lead to claim of robbery.
  • Landlords should make sure any outdoor areas are well lit and free from hazards, such as broken step or unstable handrail.
  • Landlords need to properly screen all tenants who are looking to rent their property and check for criminal history or other red flag.


  • Pay the rent as required by the tenancy agreement.
  • Look after the rental unit, keep it clean, and not damage it or the common areas of the property.
  • Do not interfere with the rights of the landlord or tenants in other units.
  • Tenants cannot do anything illegal in the rental unit or common areas of the property.
  • Do not endanger or threaten other people or property in the rental unit or common areas.
  • Move out of the rental unit at the end of a fixed term tenancy.  For periodic tenancies, give the required notice to end the tenancy, in writing and move out by the date given to the landlord.
  • Do not change the lock without permission from the landlord.


Names of the landlord and tenant should be on the paper

Description of the property:  The agreement should have a description of the property controlled by the agreement.  It may be as simple as the address and apartment number but it must be identified or the agreement cannot be enforced.