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The Global Citizens Rights provides quality education and good governance so as to assist the governmental agencies, stake holders and the entire communities in order to fights for/against the social crisis or issues such as Child Rights, Child Abuse, Child Trafficking, Child labor, Early marriage among the Girls, Teenage pregnancy, Female mutilation, Sexual and Gendered Violence, Rape, Suicide, Drug abusing and Addiction, Disable and Disability welfare, Old age and Single parent support.

The Global Citizens Rights campaigns against Poverty and Hunger, Food wastage, Land crisis, Landlords and Tenancy crisis, Marriage crisis (divorce) and other social crisis and issues nationally and internationally.

 The Global Citizens Rights promotes Sanitation and Hygiene to reduce or prevent human contact with hazard and diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, Breast Cancer, Tuberculosis, Mental illness, Eye screening, Typhoid, Hole in heart, Cholera, Malaria, Syphilis, Kidney failure, Elephantiasis, Diabetes, Blood pressure, Cardiac arrest, Hypothesis B, scabies and other deadly diseases.

The Global Citizens Rights fight against Boarder deaths and illegal Migration, Cyber Crime and the range of future threat, Bribery and corruption both in government and private institutions in Ghana and other parts of the world.

The Global Citizens Rights promotes free and fair quality educational policies initiated by the Government to enable us eliminate child labor, child abuse, child trafficking, street children, school dropout and other social crisis within the communities.

The Global Citizens Rights educates the general public to value and appreciate their vote, vote rightly to decrease the rejected ballots papers and vote massively to increase the vote registered for the winners to win massively and also the losers to avoid violence, conflicts and war between the political parties during elections at every polling stations in every constitution in our presidential, parliamentary as well as the assembly elections held or organized in Africa and other parts of the world.