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Volunteer and Tour in Africa

Volunteer and  Tour in Africa

Volunteer and Tour in Africa

 We host volunteers program for individuals and group from every part of the world and place them in sustainable community programs to enable them contribute and learn from different communities.



The most fulfilling experience by far is that of volunteering and actually participating wholeheartedly in a project with both locals/foreign and other volunteers. Our mission is to host volunteers from every part of the world and place them in sustainable community programs where they will contribute and learn at the same time from the different communities within which they are placed. Our program is not for profit and has no political affiliation. We welcome people of all religious faiths aiming to bring cultural awareness to all who will participate in our programs.

Our Staff

We have enough staff to take care of all volunteers and their placements. Each member of staff is uniquely qualified and has enough experience in posting and guiding volunteers in their various activities during their stay in Ghana. Every one of the staff members has been involved in voluntary services in both urban and rural areas in Ghana. There are administrators, assistants and home care personnel’s. The staff will make sure all the needs of the volunteers are taken care of. Questions about health, security, visa, immigration, accommodation and volunteer job placements can be coordinated with the headquarters located in Accra, Ghana.


Teaching in Area Schools:

Volunteers and volunteer-interns assist in teaching English language, mathematics, information, communication and technology and other subjects or extra curriculum activities at nursery, primary and junior secondary schools in the local area. A local teacher in the school will guide volunteers and interns. They will shadow the local teachers to become familiar with the school, the children, and the teaching curriculum during the first week of classes. If the volunteer or intern is ready at the beginning of the second week, he or she may begin teaching independently under supervision.

Beads Making

Volunteers will be given an orientation prior to beginning the process. Volunteers will work from the beginning to the completion of the bead making: this entails the volunteer starting on a typical day in the morning of bead. A volunteer in bead making will be busy throughout the day.  Volunteers are assigned to pound selected broken glasses in a metal mortar, when completed; they also help with the moulding and baking. Moulds are reused many times, before filling them with the glass; they are dipped in a mixture of kaolin and water to keep the molten glass from sticking. The moulds with chipped glass that is then heated until molten this is not just a matter of volunteering but also adding of new skill to the field of study.


Volunteers help the local people paint their schools, clinics,  and other community facilities. Volunteers will give a fresh coat of interior paint and spruce up to 10-12 children’s bedrooms of Pediatric Residential Facility. Other facilities will be hospitals, health clinics and schools.

Cleaning and Gardening

Cleaning and gardening are inclusive of landscaping. Volunteers will plant flowers/shrubs to create and maintain serenity gardens in the community. Volunteers will help clean common areas of shelter such as hospitals, health clinics, market centers, bus stations and schools.

Building and Construction

Be part of this one-of-a-kind project to help bring a brighter future to the children of a local community where there are far more children than there are seats in a classroom. You will be helping to convert a second hand shipping container or weak clay building into a bright, colourful new reading room for these needy children. Carpentry work will include building tables, desks and chairs for the different classrooms as well as chairs for waiting rooms in the clinics and hospitals. Construction work will include building of baseboards, walls and actually get involved in the construction of a home. This program is best for group of 3-6 volunteers; it is fun and educative since volunteers work side by side with professionals.

Medical and nursing volunteer work

As part of our effort to assist the community, we have established the health care program to assist the health care professionals. There is a scarcity of health care professionals; as the community is facing a brain drain in the health sector. Volunteers who have medical background, or are aspiring to get into the medical field are encouraged to be a part of this program. Medical and nursing student volunteers observe health care delivery work with local medical doctors and nurses and other health care professionals at area hospitals. They have the health care professionals by assisting with minor procedures under the supervision of the professionals. Volunteers/interns do not give drug injections or perform surgery.

HIV/AIDS Campaign and Victim Support

The lack of education is one of the key barriers to the eradication of devastating AIDS problem facing Africa today. Volunteers are given the opportunity to join carefully planned project campaigns that focus on educating and testing local communities as well as vital home-based care support networks. We offer you the opportunity to become involved at the grass root level by assisting care givers to offer medical treatment and care, observe patients being provided with advice on health matters and helping them build a better life in their homes.

Farm Support

Every culture looks upon the earth a little bit differently and a majority of environmental projects and organic farms are located in rural communities, volunteers will be exposed to an experience that equals “ecotourism”. This is experience an independent traveller will not be able to experience. Our farm help projects will give you great ideas and expose you to the positive aspects of farming in its natural habitat without chemical interference. This will help you develop new ideas in your future studies you will not just support but learn as well; an exchange of knowledge.

All other programs not identified in the write-up will need special planning so volunteers should let the organization know ahead of time which programs they will be interested in so the arrangements can be made ahead of time. (Such as Sports, Journalism, Law)

Our Program Benefits

  • Anyone who has volunteered with us will probably tell you that the biggest impact he or she had from the project was not on the community alone but on him or herself.
  • Spending time immersed in another culture will change the way you look at life and is part of the appeal of volunteering.
  • If you are thinking of a career change then volunteering is a perfect way to explore new fields.
  • If you have a passion for the arts but have a career in computing, why not volunteer in a field that interest you.
  • Alternatively, if your ambitions are to be a doctor, why not find out about volunteer opportunities in health – an ideal way to expand your work portfolio in your field of interest and to gain a real insight into your chose path.
  • Volunteering is a brilliant way to get life experiences.
  • Whether you build a library or mail flyer’s to raise awareness for a local charity, you will experience the real world through hands-on work.

This guide establishes that volunteers can do almost anything and with the dawn of the new millennium, there is an exposure of infinite volunteer opportunities. For example, it is possible to volunteer in developing countries and see the direct impact of your actions on some of the most vulnerable people of the world. You could skydive for charity, a chance to experience the ultimate thrill and raise funds to help volunteer continue its work.

Volunteering brings together a diverse range of people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Both the recipients of your volunteer efforts and your co-workers can be a rich source of inspiration and an excellent way to develop your interpersonal skills. Volunteering also offers an incredible networking opportunity. Not only will you develop lasting personal and professional relationships, but it is also a great way to learn about people from all walks of life, different environments, and new industries. Networking is an exciting benefit of volunteering and you can never tell you will meet or what new information you will learn and what this could have on your life.

Our Prices

Registration fee for the program is which takes care of Airport Pick up/drop off, administration, program information and communications. All prices DO NOT include airfare. The registration fee is not refundable.

Teaching in area schools   
Medical and nursing volunteer   
Hiv/Aids campaign & support   
Farming support   
Building and construction   
Beads making   
Tour & Festivals   
Food aid missionaries   
Tour and festivals   
Orphans and old age support   
Parental care and child abuse   
Drug abuse and addiction   
Food wastage campaign   
End trafficking and slavery now   
Sanitation and hygiene campaign   
Road safety campaign   
Cleaning and gardening   
NGO management   
Research associates   
Group volunteering   
Land Crisis Campaign   

 Length of Stay   Amount (Euros)  Amount (GBP)         Amount (USD)         

1 Week                            €440                                  £380                                    $495

2 Weeks                           €540                                  £467                             $605

3 Weeks                           €640                                  £554                             $715

4 Weeks (1 Month)       €740                          £641                             $825

5 Weeks                           €840                                  £728                                 $935

6 Weeks                           €940                                  £815                             $1045

8 Weeks (2 Months)        €1140                      £989                              $1265

3 Months                         €1540                      £1295                              $1720

4 Months                         €1940                       £1630                           $2165

5 Months                         €2260                       £1900                             $2525

6 Months                         €2400                       £2020                           $2700

Please note: All programs attract a Registration Fee of 150 Euros/ 130 GBP/ 160 USD on top of the Program Fee.

Program Dates

The GCR volunteer programs are available all year round

Schedules: Mondays to Fridays at 9am to 2pm

Accommodation and Facilities

We provide one of the best facilities; we have satellite television, standby power generator, security guards, water reservoir, internet service and other surprises. We acquired this facility purposely for the volunteers to have their stay memorable and make them want to come back and for them to feel at home. Please visit www.globalcitizensrights.org

Any volunteer who wants to live with a family must make a request when submitting his or her application.


Meals will be provided by Host families. Local and continental dishes are provided. You taste the best Africa cuisines on our dining tables. Anyone with special dietary needs have to make this known to us in the application.

Tourist attractions

          Volunteer destination

          How to volunteer

          Why to volunteer

Apply to volunteer (application form)

Our Location and contact

Head Office Location:
Off the Ablekuman Agape High Street Lokko Link,
opposite Methodist Church Park

P. O. Box 118 Oduman – Accra, Ghana,
Tel: 0302935620 /0302935622 
Mobile: 0558681928 Whatsap 0275331601  



Application Process

There are many ways to submit your application to volunteer with the GCR

You can either submit an application form online or you can download the form, fill it out, and mail it to us. We do not charge a fee for processing an application. You are expected to pay a deposit towards your accommodation, food and this has to be reserved early (within 15days of confirmation of placement).

Once we get your application, we will process it immediately. We will read your application carefully so that we can find the project that matches your experience and best suits you. Our volunteers either stay at home or with other volunteers in a volunteer dormitory.

We will send you the details of your placement. The placement will include the volunteer projects information and the visa application documents assistances to enable us process your visa.

Your preparation for the trip should include reading about Ghana, receiving the necessary immunizations, obtaining your travel visa (entry permit), and arranging your own flights. Our coordinators are on hand 24/7 to assist you with the process.

Once you have purchased your flight tickets, email the flight information to our office. We will then arrange your free airport pick-up.


Though volunteers can get a visa upon arrival in Accra, we strongly advise volunteers to get a tourist visa in their home country before departure. This will save your time and reduce pressure upon arrival.

Health and Safety

Volunteers should seek health and safety advice with any health authority before travelling to Ghana. Below are some suggested websites:

    WHO website for international travellers

    Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

    Health Canada Online

    Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and Travel Report

    U.S. State Department & Consular Information Sheets

    Travel Health Online

    Travellers’ Health

Ghana is a very safe country and here are some general tips for keeping yourself and your belonging safe.

    Carry some important items you may need and the minimum amount of money needed for your trip. Your passport, credit cards and cash are most secure when locked in your large bags.

    When you travel to any country, you are subject to the laws of the country you are visiting. Therefore when you arrive please obey the laws and customs of the places you plan to visit on your arrival, GCR will take you through some orientation.


Vaccinations are very important therefore we advise you to refer to the Centre for Disease Control traveller’s health recommendations. Please, consult a doctor to discuss your travel plans and personal health and to determine which vaccines you will need

Below is the list of vaccines recommended for you to travel to West Africa including Ghana..

    Hepatitis A

    Hepatitis B





Required Vaccinations:

    Yellow Fever – a certificate of yellow fever vaccination may be required for entry into Ghana, or for onwards travel or return to your home country.


What is the exchange rate?

    The exchange rate depends on the.

Can I use debit card to withdraw from ATMs?

    It is safe to use your VISA or ATM card at ATMs in Ghana to withdraw local currency. However, you are recommended not to use it for payment in shops. It is best to pay in shops with cash. You can also withdraw money directly from the bank and the GCR will assist you in case you need any assistance.

Can I change traveler’s cheques?

    The travelers who have traveler’s cheques will be able to exchange them for cash at the local bank. Which are very safe way to carry money with you but you need to ensure that you have proper records of the Check Details in case there is any challenge during withdrawals?

Should I bring a credit card?

    Travellers should bring a credit card for large or emergency purchases. And remember to request a pin number for their credit card make it possible and easy to get cash advances at the ATM

Field Support and Supervision

The management team of GCR makes sure all the volunteers enjoy safety and comfortable life every day, always communicate with them, listen to their suggestions or provide assistance

to highly maintain cordial friendships with our volunteers and consider them partners in the work we do.

How do I communicate with my family or friends from home?

Volunteers are been allow and advice to bring their mobile phones with them to Ghana. GCR will provide them with a SIM card (Nano or Micro are available) to put in their phone which they will use to stay in touch with people at home, as well as GCR contacts in Ghana. Making international phone calls is easy – they will buy a SIM card in Accra or use the one provided by GCR. GCR will show them how to load credit onto their phone during their orientation.

The GCR will provide the Volunteers a wireless internet modem for around 75GHS from a service provider to use (such as Vodafone, MTN, Tigo AIRTEL). There is also an internet café in the suburb of Ablekuma Agape and others within Accra. Most internet cafés are open 8am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and are inexpensive.


You can see the current weather in Ghana by visiting:

    Yahoo Weather forecast

    Weather channel

    Weather Underground

Ghana has a tropical equatorial climate, which means that it’s hot year-round with seasonal rains. In the humid southern coastal region, the rainy seasons are from April to June, and during September and October. Throughout the year, maximum temperatures are around 300Celsius, dropping three or four degrees during the brief respite between rainy seasons. The humidity is constantly high, at about 80%. In the central region, the rains are heavier and last longer. In the hotter and drier north, there is one rainy season, lasting from April to October. Midday temperatures rarely fall below 300Celsius, rising to 350Celsius and higher during December to March when the Harmattan wind blows in from the Sahara. At this time, dust particles hang heavily in the air making it constantly hazy, and temperatures plummet at night.

What to Bring

Most items needed on a daily basis are available in Ghana cheaply. However, we suggest volunteers pack the following items:

    Mobile phone (you can use the phone handset after changing the SIM card)

    Bed sheets

    Insect repellents

    Sun cream

    Working gloves (if you are joining conservation or construction project)

    Some books about Ghana

    Map of Ghana


    First aid kit

    Flash light

    Electricity adapter/converter


    Footwear (for work and travel)





It is a common courtesy to bring a small gift for the family that will be hosting you if you are allocated to one. You are not required to do so, but a simple, small gift is always well received. We suggest a box of chocolates, a t-shirt with your hometown logo, pictures of your family or postcards from your home country.

You might also want to bring gifts for the people you meet during your project. For example, if you are working for an orphanage or a school it is a good idea to bring pencils, pens and paper, art supplies like markers and paper pads as well as games. Remember that every child will need these items so you may wish to bring a large number of one item.

Volunteering Directly with Global Citizens Rights

Global Citizens Rights (GCR) is an organization which operates a wide range of projects across Ghana and other countries in the West Africa region. One of the benefits of volunteering within GCR organization is that any fees paid by a volunteer go directly to support your placement (accommodation and food) and the projects that you work on.

We always welcome ideas and suggestions which you can directly discuss with our director. This gives you the opportunity to help influence the growth of our organization and the work we do.

The GCR is organizations who support the volunteers throughout their placement. Connect the volunteers with the people they are going to work with in Ghana to help enrich the lives of the local people and to ensure that each volunteer has a memorable and productive stay in Ghana

A Reputable and Respected Registered Charity

The GCR is a reputable non-governmental organization and non-partisan duly registered under the law of Ghana Government giving the certificates to operate business legally in Ghana nationally and internationally

The GCR will give the volunteers the opportunity to become integrated into Ghanaian community the volunteers will reside in a house within the local community to enjoy great quality, traditional Ghanaian food on daily basis. We will also arrange food for vegetarians or any special dietary requirements in advance.

After the volunteers successfully completed their projects the GCR will award them with the Certificates of Recognition and Authorization Letter to be used with University or Job application, we always do this to highly express our deep love and appreciation of their services to humanity and promotion of world peace.

The GCR also give opportunities to the volunteers to become an ambassador of GCR in their college, university or home community to fully and legally become a part of our mission and help shape our future


GCR offers volunteer projects for groups and individuals in Ghana. That will give the volunteers the opportunities to learn and contribute to the GCR valuable projects and also experience life, traditions and culture of the community in Ghana

We have different types of volunteer projects in a field which are available for professionals, students and researchers that will suit your interest, experience or studies in our community in Ghana

GCR receives a high number of volunteers applications every month from individuals and groups in many countries especially during the summer and we host up to 60 volunteers at any given time.  Therefore please contact us to reserve your placement early for successful Lovely trip in Ghana.

The management team of the GCR invites and welcome volunteers who can partnership or assist us with the following GCR volunteer projects in a communities nation-wide Ghana.


The management team of Global Citizens Rights in collaboration with the community leaders and the opinion leaders settle/solve disputes, issues /cases related to human rights in GCR office premises to enable us promote peace, equal rights and justices for citizens whose rights have been abused or violated as citizens of a country. 

The legal team of the GCR also transfers or forwards the unsolved disputes, cases/issues to the Ghana Police Service, BNI, National Security, stake holders and the Law court of the land for further investigation and prosecution according to the Law. 

The legal team of the Global Citizens Rights defends, fights and protects the rights of a citizen to enable us rescue those whose rights have been abused or violated as citizens of a country. 


The management team of the Global Citizens Rights has created Whatsapp platform to give opportunity for the General Public to address the social issues/crisis related to Human rights in every community for the authorities to find a lasting solution and peace for development.

The whatsapp group platform will enable the citizens to share their experience, personal issues/crisis or challenges to the public or privately with the authorities to enable us promote peace, equal rights and justice for citizens whose rights have been abused or violated as citizens of a country.

The management team of the Global Citizens Rights invites and welcomes the General Public, Individuals, groups, Associations, Civil Societies, clubs, NGO’s, Unions and other institutions to join or become a member/supporter of the GCR whatsapp group.

To become a member/supporter or join the group please send your full name and whatsapp number to the following numbers below, and the administration of GCR will quickly add you to the group.

May God bless you for being part of the GCR whatsapp group or family


The management team of the Global Citizens Rights has form a partnership with the community leaders, stakeholders, government agencies and religious bodies to enable us fight against the social issues/crisis in every community nation –wide Ghana.

This partnership has been established and designed to help fight, defend, protect and promote peace , equal rights and justice for citizens whose rights has been abused or violated as citizens of a country,

This partnership will also give the platform to the community leaders, stakeholders and government agencies to share their views and plans to enable us find the lasting solution for development of the community.

We will also use this platform to highly educate the entire community about their rights, duties and responsibilities through communal development.

We strongly believe the firm will assemble all our young entrepreneurs, innovators and investors under one umbrella which will bring peace, unity and development to the entire community for us to achieve the welfare for the citizens of the country.

Please find below the details of the community leaders, stakeholders, government agencies and religious bodies in partnership with Global Citizens Rights.

(Please click here)


The Global Citizens Rights has set up a committee who stands as counselors and advisors from some of the legal firms, religious bodies and community leaders to help solve disputes or social issues related to human rights.

The committees also work hand in hand with the Law Court and security agencies to enable us forward some of the unsolved issues above our jurisdiction for further investigation or trial.      

Below are the names of the security agencies and the law court in Ghana.

                   (Please click here)


The Global Citizens Rights has formed a strong partnership with the media houses, local TV station, radio/FM stations, Information centers, independent journalist and print media to enable us effectively and positively promote human rights, democracy, rule of law and good government in Ghana and other parts of the world.

We strongly believe and hope this partnership will help us fight, defend, protect and promote peace, equal rights and justice for citizens whose rights have been abused or violated as citizens of a country across the globe.

The following are the names of our media partners, postal address and phone contact of the media houses.

  1. TV Station
  2. Radio/FM station
  3. Information center
  4. Print media (Graphic/newspaper)
  5. Magazines


The Global Citizens Rights has partnership with some of the governmental bodies and non-governmental organizations to effectively and positively promote human rights, democracy, rule of law and good governance in Ghana and other parts of the world

These are governmental bodies and non-governmental bodies in partnership with the Global Citizens Rights.

Local Partners

  • Metropolitan Municipal Districts Assemblies
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration
  • Ministry of Gender Children and Social protection
  • Department of Social Welfare
  • Ghana Immigration Services
  • Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DVVSU)
  • Anti Human Trafficking Units
  • Bureau of National Investigation (BNI)
  • Ghana Police Service
  • Commission on Human Rights and Administration Justice (CHRAJ)
  • National Commission for Civil Education
  • Ministry of Land commission and natural resources
  • Narcotic Control Board
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ghana Custom Service
  • Ghana Fire Service
  • National Security
  • Rent Control, Ghana
  • Electoral Commission
  • Landlords and Residents Associations

International Partners


The Global citizens Rights has collaborated with the Government Securities and boarder agencies, law enforcement bodies, detaining authorities and the media who monitor and observe election activities for the safety of both the electorate and the ballot nation-wide.

These are the governmental agencies which become the stake holders of the Global Citizens Rights.

  • Metropolitan Municipal Districts Assemblies.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration.
  • Ministry of Gender Children and Social protection.
  • Department of Social Welfare.
  • Ghana Immigration Services.
  • Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit.

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